Feathercoin blockchain explorer

feathercoin blockchain

Exploring the Feathercoin Blockchain

Around 80 blocks have been orphaned in the attack, according to Bushnell. It was the most recent in a series of assaults against the coin, said Peter Bushnell, the UK-based mostly founding father of the altcurrency – however this one was totally different. Feather announced that it might be utilizing a system referred to as superior checkpointing in an effort to guard its blockchain.

feathercoin blockchain

Feather Address – Client-Side Feathercoin Wallet Generator

feathercoin blockchain

The block reward halves every 2,one hundred,000 blocks, with the block target being only one minute. The maximum variety of coins attainable is capped at 336 million. The Feathercoin community runs on the NeoScrypt hashing algorithm, making it much simpler and faster to mine.

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feathercoin blockchain

Feathercoin was conceived as a coin that’s lighter than light, therefore the featherlight name.

feathercoin blockchain

  • In the shopper the checkpoints are outlined by providing the block quantity and its hash, that is then compiled and distributed.
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  • Cryptographic currency wallets are like a standard wallet however for “internet cash” or “internet money”.
  • The signature generated is unique to the handle and to the message.
  • You will need to obtain some cash to start with however after that reviewing transactions would be the most common place to go.
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People in the community have been lobbying to have the listings reinstated. Feathercoin’s major website is currently underneath a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Bushnell believes multiple people are behind the attack. Similar assaults have occurred on Litecoin, and Bushnell thinks the attackers might have moved on to attack Feathercoin instead, now that Litecoin’s problem has risen a lot.

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Especially if you have created new addresses or spent some money, the old backups might be old-fashioned. Feathercoin makes use of the Bitcoin URIs commonplace which represents a typical payment technique by text file. Bitcoin URI strings grew to become the most popular method to share payment request, either as a hyperlink, or the URI text it is self or using a QR code. This picture reveals the grid shown when the report button is pressed. In the example the grid is filtered on “all of the transactions that occurred today” and calculates the quantity and total.

#2: What are the advantages of Feathercoin?

feathercoin blockchain

The announcement mentioned the mechanism might shield in opposition to a 51% attack. A in style vendor that sells present playing cards for cryptocurrencies dropped altcoin support, in part as a result of unfavorable response he obtained from the neighborhood. NeoScrypt, the proof of work mining algorithm of Feathercoin, can only be mined with graphics cards.


The wallets have a fancy job to do validating that your currency isn’t counterfeit. They have been additionally designed to be intuitive to use and allow new users to get started with out having to understands the technical details of how it operates “beneath the hood”. While initially based mostly off of the same blockchain technology, the improvements and enhancements made to FTC’s code, make it a better choice for miners. Feathercoin may also be purchased utilizing fiat currency at Bittylicious.

This makes Feathercoin mining potential for fanatics everywhere in the world, enabling Feathercoin to be extra decentralized and censorship resistant. With it’s low fees and fast settlement, Feathercoin is ideal for in-store payments.

In order to obtain funds you should create a obtain address, The label, message and request quantity are optionally available, press request fee and the address is created. The menus include numerous features whereas the buttons have been chosen to symbolize the essential feathercoin blockchain operation of the wallet that most people might want to carry out. Each display is specialised for a activity and is activated by urgent the suitable button. Cryptographic foreign money wallets are like a traditional wallet but for “internet money” or “internet cash”.